Utilizing the industry recognized FM-200®  Fluid, Amerex has developed an affordable pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression system to protect areas with sensitive electrical equipment and valuable data. As an industry leader in innovative design of products that provide the quality and performance you expect, Amerex has developed the CPS system to be the most cost efficient clean agent system available. The modular design incorporates pre-assembled wiring harnesses and keyed locking connectors on all electrical components to assist you in a simple and confident installation. Agent tanks are available in two sizes having a diameter of ten inches making tank location in confined spaces less stressful. Tanks are charged in increments of two pounds in a small tank or three pounds in a larger tank for a custom installation without unnecessary expense. Electrical actuators are used for system actuation and can be reset reducing the number of components to be replaced during service after discharge. The CPS system is designed to use schedule 40 pipe giving you easy access to the materials you need to complete the installation. Nozzles are available in three designs; corner, side wall, and centre room for flexibility in system installation to protect those “challenging” areas. The Amerex CPS is monitored by an electrical control panel that has a battery back-up for 24 hour protection during power failure. Photoelectric smoke detectors are used for detection and are cross zoned to reduce the potential for unwanted system discharge. A bell and horn strobe device alarm when fire conditions are present. All electrical circuits are supervised and factory terminated.

Amerex Gaseous Systems