We understand that reliable preventative maintenance of building facilities is crucial to enhancing the long-term value of properties. Our team of professional engineers provide comprehensive services in the design, installation and maintenance support to the operation of our clients’ facilities.


Maintenance and Repair

  • Integrated Management System: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 to set standards and improve efficiency
  • Digital Operation Management System to monitor our work and provide timely reports to clients
  • Preventive approach in maintenance plans to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime from unscheduled repair
  • Well trained team providing 24/7 service to major landlords and leading property management services companies

Design and Installation

  • Design, supply and installation for fire service installation contracting work for fitting-out and renovation projects
  • Customized solutions to support specific needs of clients including restaurants, data centres, power generation facilities and all types of commercial properties
  • Professional service to support customers on their licensing and operation needs to ensure full regulatory compliance

Hydraulic Pressure Test

  • Fully licensed UL approved standard workshop for hydraulic pressure test
  • Comprehensive solutions for testing pressurized cylinders for FM200 systems and portable fire extinguishers
  • Enhance service standard by using the unique service collar fixed to the bottleneck of each cylinder to enable clients to identify that proper testing service has been performed
  • Providing critical support to operations of railway networks, public utilities, airport infrastructures, data centres and other commercial and residential properties.

Annual Inspection Fire Services

  • Customized approach and deligent service to delivering annual inspection for fire service installation or equipment
  • Timely inspection, maintainance and repair of fire suppression and detection systems to ensure safety of environment and regulatory compliance